A Deafinitive View On… Why I’m Rooting For The Astros


Jose Altuve is so fun to watch.


Let’s get the big part out of the way first. Yes, I’m a New Yorker. No, I don’t like the Yankees. No, I’m not one of those namby-pamby ‘fans’ who are all like, “Well, if the Mets are out, I’m rooting for the Yankees since they root for New York.” Get outta here with that weak stuff. Do you think Chicago White Sox fans are rooting for the Cubs now? Hah! I give that all a thumbs down. Yes, even to Gary Dunaier, the guy who was seen giving the thumbs-down sign at a Yankees-Rays game that was being held at Citi Field due to Hurricane Harvey.  He’s even backing the Bombers now. Boo.

Hurrican Harvey… that’s one reason that I’m hoping the Astros win the World Series. It wasn’t that long ago that a large portion of the city was underwater like they were trying to create a set for “WaterWorld 2.” There was so much suffering and it would be a good thing for the people of Houston to have something to take their minds off their situations, even just for a bit.

Also, the Astros are just fun to watch, like the guy whose portrait is on the top of this post. When we see Jose Altuve, with his average height, stand next to the hulking Aaron Judge, it looks like he’s a tween standing next to an adult. He inspires many of us with what he’s done.

Let’s not entirely be fooled, though. Although Altuve is 5’6″, he’s also a world-class athlete with hand/eye coordination and fast-twitch muscles that most of us can can only dream of ever having. There’s a reason he’s collected over 200 hits in four straight seasons. So yes, we average people can only dream about doing what he’s done.

The Astros seem like a more fun bunch, with Carlos Correa, George Springer and Altuve forming a trio of hitters that’s hard to match, and with a starting rotation that features Dallas Keuchel, who has a beard that is nearly as awesome as his pitching ability. He has to hope he never goes to the Yankees, since he’d have to shave that off. Given the size of his facial hair, it’d probably take him the entirety of the offseason to remove it.

That’s not to say that the Yankees haven’t been intriguing – what with Sir Didi Gregorius hitting lights out and Aaron Judge having a rookie season for the ages. Still, there’s the whiff of corporate blandness with this group. Even the two teams have stadiums that speak volumes about each. Houston has that left-field stands that juts out into the field. Yankee Stadium is practically polished marble.

So, right now, I’m enjoying the fact that the Yankees are down two games in this series. I tempered my enthusiasm during the American League Division Series, but winning four games in this series is a higher order than three. I’m hoping that Altuve and Astros fans get to smile all the way to a championship though.

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