A General Deafinitive View – 9/3/17

From time to time, I’ll just post some random thoughts about what’s going on in both the world and other things that pop into my mind. I’m writing this now while taking a break from doing 10-minute drawings of various things that I’m going to take to a comic convention on Wednesday.

  • Right now, I’m drawing three different types of things: pets, superheroes and celebrities. I just finished one of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I think the trickster was messing with my pencils because the drawing was JUST not going my way. I wanted to make it look like Hiddleston, but for some reason it kept looking more like Sigourney Weaver… at least for the most part of the time I was drawing it. Art’s humbling. I can turn out some thing like this one time in 10 minutes: MJGNimoySD090317

and then wind up with something like this not that much later: MJGHiddlestonSD090317

Sigh. Oh well. Onward and upward, right?

  • It’s amazing seeing what’s going on with Texas, especially with all the fundraising by people like J.J. Watt. SportsCenter’s Scott Van Pelt was right when he said that man decades from now, Watt’s obituary is going to mention this in the first paragraph.  Just a remarkable thing… and there are so many other people pitching in.
  • Speaking of pitching and Texas, I thought it was a horrible idea for the Mets to bring back Matt Harvey this year. The season is a lost cause and he and Noah Syndergaard are risking injury by coming back this season. They should have both been shut down for the rest of the year. This was my reaction when I saw that Harvey had been lit up like a Christmas tree when he went against the Astros, who are only one of baseball’s best teams: giphy (153)
  • This used to be an exciting time of year for me. I’d look forward to the opening of the football season. Now, after hearing so much about concussions and what these players are doing to their bodies and brains, I’m now quite unenthused about the sport. Fantasy football has lost its appeal to me. Baseball’s my big love.
  • I have a very good feeling that the American League Wild Card race is going to be absolutely bananas this month. There are so many teams jockeying for those two slots that anything can happen. I think the fans of a LOT of teams aren’t going to have fingernails by the time October rolls around.
  • If Giancarlo Stanton did what he did in August while playing for a team in New York, Boston, or the Dodgers, he’d own that city. He started off the season so slowly too. It’s getting to the point that I’m disappointed if he doesn’t homer. He has to be seeing every pitch like it’s the size of a beach ball. Forget about “Being John Malkovich”, I want to see “Being Giancarlo Stanton” and just get an idea of what it’s like to be able to murder baseballs like that.
  • Politics: I see that Donald Trump is going to be stopping the Dream Act. There’s going to be a six-month wait, but it’s going to end. Terrible. This country was built on the backs of immigrants and he’s so hell-bent on dismantling everything that President Obama did during his tenure. It’s disgraceful and a LOT of people are going to get hurt as a result. Robert Mueller needs to hurry the heck up.

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