I’m Back


Cable says, “No wisecracks about how long it’s been since the last update.

Yep. I’m back. Yes, I know that’s what 8 billion other bloggers write when they return from a hiatus. Then they do three new posts and quit because it’s so darn exhausting writing every day.

Well, while I’d love to be able to say that I’m going to keep this up – I have every intention of being diligent with this site and other ideas that I have… which are many – I have to just do it, otherwise those earlier words will just ring hollow. Then archaeologists will dig up this blog post thousand of years from now… provided that the Earth isn’t an irradiated wasteland thanks to a certain orange-skinned person. “Why did he stop? He was SO good.”

OK, maybe I flatter myself just a bit. Anyways. I took some time off because I wanted to focus on my artwork and make it really good. I was looking at the old gallery when I was uploading the Brolin/Cable drawing and I was like “I thought THOSE were good?” I’ll probably be saying that about this piece in about a year or so- I’ll want to spit on it when I look at it.

So… the journey begins anew. I feel the need to do another drawing now. So, I’m going to go answer the siren call of my pencils and sketchbook. I’ll talk to you all next time.

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