David Wright


Photo ref used from Google image search.

It appears that the East Coast, particularly the Northeast corridor managed to make the snow gods very, very angry. Boston’s buried under snow and New York has dodged the meteorological bullet that hit Massachusetts. The temperatures have been hovering in the 20s and low 30s for over a week and football just ended. For those of us who are neither diehard basketball nor hockey fans, this represents the most dull time of sports year.

That’s why I’m going to be doing these posts hopefully daily until the Mets and the rest of baseball report to Spring Training. Today’s entry is  David Wright, who I hope finally gets back on track, powerwise. His homer totals have been in a decline, with his hitting all of 8 homers in 2014. He also had 586 plate appearances. The question is… does he need to adjust his swing to possibly be able to reach those higher totals? Right now I think his swing is too long.

Hear me out… I’m far from being a professional hitting coach and Kevin Long might tell me to kick rocks were he to read this blog (hey, anything’s possible.. he might do a vanity Google search and bam… here he is). I also know that an injury hurt him last year… one that required surgery. The thing is… his power has gone down each year. He always seems to start off each year hitting opposite field homers and then by the time the dog days of August and September come around, his homers also disappeared (though playing for a consistently sub-.500 team has to be draining). There are some who might point to his September 2010 stats where he hit 7 homers… to that I say, he ain’t 28 anymore.

I’m hearing that he’s healthy after the surgery (though that always seems to be the case for Spring Training stories. The “Oh, I’m in the best shape of my life” comments, that kind of thing), and I hope that he gets even better protection with Michael Cuddyer in the lineup. The question is.. are we hoping for a Wright who may never come back? Every season, we hope to see the 30-homer player… the guy who made that incredible barehanded catch and drove in over 100 runs each season and each year, that hasn’t happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the biggest David Wright fans out there. I’d love for him to mash 30 homers and help lead this team back to their winning days. The last few years though have made me hesitant, but then again, this is the time of year that Hope Springs Eternal. Here’s hoping that I’m eating crow in late October. Nobody sic Kevin Long on me.

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