Boyd Crowder

Boyd... Take 2

My second attempt with this photo ref – I think I managed to not make him look like a mummy this time.

The last season of Justified is almost underway and we’re going to be saying farewell to some pretty cool characters – Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, Ava Crowder. Art Mullen, Rachel Brooks and Tim Gutterson to name a few. I’ll be drawing them as the season goes by – I’ve already covered Raylan and now Boyd is next. I wanted to write about these two before the actual premiere since they are the most integral part of the show.. with Ava a close third, but I’ll get to her later this week.

I’ll admit it… I wasn’t crazy about Boyd during the first season, even with the way it ended, with them having an uneasy alliance.  It was the second season, the one with Maggs Bennett that got me hooked on Boyd and the show. What really got me liking Boyd was when he was trying to go on the straight and narrow for a while and he learned that there was going to be a plot against him: You wanna be in this business, you gotta know your ABC’s – Always Be Cool. It was then that he went from a sometimes blowhard with a really good vocabulary to someone who I always had fun watching on screen.

The thing was.. Boyd wasn’t even supposed to survive the first episode. Elmore Leonard’s short story, “Fire In The Hole”, the basis for the whole show, had him laying there on the floor in the Crowder household, dying of a gun shot. The show runners loved what Walton Goggins was doing with the role and… Get Me Rewrite.

What also impressed me is that while Boyd is certainly cunning, he’s not all-knowing. There were times on the show that his silver tongue deserted him and he also knew that while he was a big fish in the Harlan crime pool, there were sharks that could eat him whole in the outside world. He’s come close to getting the world in the palm of his hand only to have it slip out of his grasp. He can never get that big break that would allow him to live a life of peace with his fiance Ava. Now Ava has turned on him – though not 100% willingly – to be a C.I. for Raylan.

I was a total newbie to Goggins’ work too – I hadn’t watched The Shield – a mistake that I rectified on Amazon Prime streaming. It was also weird seeing his turn on Sons of Anarchy, but he’s cemented himself as one of the better actors on television.

I don’t know how this season is going to go.. it’s going to get ugly between Raylan and Boyd and there’s probably a very good chance that this time, there’s going to be no saving him from any bullets shot out of the marshal’s gun. There’s always the possibility that he uses up another of his nine lives… though he may have run through all of them through the course of the show.

Either way, I look forward to what he does post-Justified.

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