Mets Manager Terry Collins

Photo Ref Used From Google Image Search

Photo Ref Used From Google Image Search

It’s 2015, the football season is over – it ends for me when the Giants are no longer playing – and my mind is now full bore on baseball. Pitchers and catchers are still a ways off, but I’m going to help us get through those days by posting near-daily about baseball from now until then. I’ll be including a drawing I did of that player (or manager as this post shows) and there will be opinions, speculations and prognostications galore.

It’s 2015. Are you ready?

Since I’m a Mets fan, I’ll be talking about this team for the majority of this month, but I’ll also be talking about them in relations to other teams and there will be plenty of conversation about news of the day – like wherever Max Scherzer decides to take his talents, for example. I’ll be writing about each position player, though I’ll be skipping shortstop for now since it’s still not decided whether it’ll be Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores or (in the dreams of many Mets fans) Troy Tulowitzki or another trade acquisition. I’ll include drawings of each player or manager that I did.

First off will be the head of the team… the skipper, the manager… Terry Collins. Am I entirely thrilled that he’s still the one at the helm? No. But the front office could do a lot worse. They could have decided to have another go-round with Art Howe. Now that would have been bad. But Collins is in charge, and I’ll have to respect that.

Does he drive me absolutely insane with his penchant for bunting? Yes. Yes, he does. Especially when he sticks with that plan when it is readily apparent that the batter could not lay down a good bunt even if the pitcher lobbed the ball underhanded softball-style. But it’s the National League. It’s practically a commandment that it be done often as possible. It may have even been on one of Moses’ tablets… you know, on the one that Mel Brooks dropped in “History of The World Part I”

Collins also has a tendency to stick with a struggling pitcher for one or two batters too long. That’s not entirely his fault though, since sometimes the gut instinct does work and the bridge to Jeurys Familia and Jenrry Mejia proved more rickety than the one at the end of “Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom”. It often seemed like a “rock and a hard place” scenario for him.

The excuses are starting to evaporate in 2015, though. He’s going to have Matt Harvey back, though a return to his pre-Tommy John surgery dominance isn’t immediately guaranteed, and he may have one of the more impressive starting rotations around if Noah Syndergaard harnesses his ability and makes it to the Majors.

He has shown that he has learned from his previous managerial experiences and the fact that he’s still managing in New York, one of the tougher places to stick around, shows something. Sure, it might mean that the Wilpons don’t want to hire a bigger name manager, but Collins did pull down $1 million in 2014.

Will Collins ultimately become the second person with the initials T.C. (Tom Coughlin is the other) to bring a championship to the New York area in the past decade? Only time will tell, but right now, well before anybody even reports to training camps, before any trades or injuries or break-out rookies or disappointing prospects, there’s always hope. And I hope that this manager finally gets the job done.

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