The 11/3/14 Giants-Colts Game


This was my feeling during most of the game. Not even a late charge could assuage that.

It’s a good thing that my electric eraser broke on Saturday – were I drawing something tonight, I likely would have shattered it merely from my grip. Oh well,  the replacement is supposed to come tomorrow (to be fair, the broken one lasted nearly 10 years and was starting to need tape in several areas) .Too bad the Giants can’t get a good game in the mail tomorrow. They looked completely and utterly outclassed by Indianapolis the entire game – though it didn’t really start getting ugly until the second half, with the final being 40-24.

With how badly they flatlined tonight, it’s already making me think about pitchers and catchers reporting in February. I have to remind myself that it could be worse though.. I could be a Jets fan.

Things that I wondered about and noticed during the game:

  • At what point did Tom Coughlin ever decide that keeping a challenge flag in his sock was a good idea? It required him to bend down, root around his sock like Super Grover 2.0 does with his Utility Sock (yes, I have a son who is four years old and yes, we watch Sesame Street a lot) for the flag. That gave Indianapolis time to get the play off before there could be a challenge.. and they scored a touchdown, which was pretty galling considering that there was a good chance the previous play would be overturned.
  • The injuries keep piling up for the Giants. Offensive lineman Weston Richburg had to be carted off with what looked like a bad ankle sprain, but it’ll probably turn out to be an ACL tear.
  • The crowd, which was pretty plentiful up until after the halftime show, where they honored various Giants of the past, thinned out considerably before the fourth quarter. Considering how much these seats cost, that says a lot.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw looked like he was having way too much fun beating the pants off his former team in their home stadium.
  • Coughlin spent much of the game with his hands on his hips, staring at Eli Manning after another bad throw, bearing an expression that could only be read as, “What the BLEEP are you THINKING?”
  • Tonight was a good game for receivers wearing the No. 13. T.Y. Hilton made an amazing touchdown grab, wresting the ball away from Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who had first intercepted it in the end zone. His counterpart on the Giants, Odell Beckham Jr. also made some fine plays, though he couldn’t convert any of those into scores. Too bad.. ESPN was showing him making some really amazing one-handed catches during warm-ups.
  • I admit it.. I love Hilton forming a ‘T’ and a ‘Y’ after scoring.
  • Can the Giants go on bye again, please? No? Shoot.
  • Manning looked like he had corrected the ship earlier in the season, but now it looks like he had regressed back to the first couple of games. I can’t entirely fault him… there were times where it looked like his receivers had all forgotten how to catch a ball.
  • Prince played longer on the most recent “Saturday Night Live” than Prince Amukamara, who left with a biceps injury, did.
  • Manning’s touchdown throw to Larry Donnell, in what was essentially fourth quarter garbage time, cost me a chance to possibly come back and win in one of my fantasy leagues. Thanks, Eli. He added insult to injury with another touchdown toss with three minutes and change left and the Giants down by more than two touchdowns.
  • They have only one more night game this season, a Sunday Night Football game against Dallas on Nov. 23. We’ll find out by then if Tony Romo’s back is broken more. It’s not a kind remainder of the  schedule – I see only two close-to- gimme wins: Jacksonville and Tennessee and of course, those aren’t entirely guaranteed. Again, can pitchers and catchers report sooner than later?

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