The Season 2 Premiere of ‘Brooklyn Nine- Nine”

MJGPeralta092814 MJGHolt092014

The show opened with Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta at a Mob Wedding. It began with its usual silliness as he had four Mob capos kiss him in the Sicilian tradition, with him declaring that “Vito was the best kisser.” After he uttered the key phrase “dry meatballs’, the listening cops then burst in and started arresting people and dragged Peralta off, ostensibly to be arrested himself – only to have him actually taken to the mobile ops center outside the restaurant, where he came face to face with his superior, Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher). Within seconds, he was hugging Holt and saying how much he missed him.

Just like that, we were back in the most insane place of law enforcement since Night Court. It was wonderful to be back and I’m not going to spoil anything else about the episode, other than to marvel at Terry Crews’ ability to channel a seven-year-old boy and the degrees of Holt’s stoicness. It was a long summer and it’s good to be back.

Photo refs used on both drawings.

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