Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston

"I'm just sitting here alone in a room, plotting my crystal meth empire... why do you ask?"

“I’m just sitting here alone in a room, plotting my crystal meth empire… why do you ask?”

Of course, Breaking Bad won all kinds of Emmys this Monday. That made me sad, since the show’s been finished for over a year and I want more new episodes. Yeah, we’ve got Better Call Saul, but it’s likely not going to capture the same genius that its predecessor did (it does take place before a certain high school chemistry teacher got a very bad diagnosis, but it still feels weird to call it anything but a predecessor). I say “likely” because betting against Vince Gilligan usually turns out to be a very foolish thing, so I’ll be tuning in to see what this show’s like, of course. 

The sad thing is that although Bryan Cranston, who I consider possibly the best actor working today, has said he might rejoining Aaron Paul for an appearance on the show, it’s going to take some serious finagling of scenarios, since White didn’t meet the sleazy Saul Goodman until over midway through the second season of the show. Unless he has him meet him under a different name and appearance (White with hair and Goodman with a different look as well). Then again, hasn’t trying to think along with Gilligan been an exercise in futility. 

I don’t want to bury Cranston, the lede of this piece, any further. It’s about a really wonderful chameleon of an actor. Before Breaking Bad, I knew him as Hal, the goodhearted but bumbling dad on Malcolm In The Middle  (My favorite episode was when he kept showing up late to his children’s births). Then watching his transformation into the embodiment of evil that only had  some measure of redemption was incredibly fascinating. This is an actor that makes me push the “I’m Watching Bryan Cranston Act” thoughts to a very far recess of my brain. 

I haven’t seen him act in everything since the show ended – I still have yet to see Argo, and tickets for his Broadway show were ridiculously expensive, but I did enjoy his scenes in Godzilla. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he appears in next. 

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