Nathan Fillion and ‘Firefly’/’Castle’

Drawn from a reference photo.

Drawn from a reference photo.


I have been a fan of Nathan Fillion’s since some time in 2005, when a girl I was dating convinced me to see “Serenity” in the theater. I hadn’t really heard of ‘Firefly’ before then – apparently I was one of those who contributed to its early demise on television. Sorry. The movie hooked me on the show’s universe and I got the DVD box set of the show and watched all the episodes in a couple of sittings.

Fillion’s Malcolm Reynolds was one of my favorite characters on the show because he walked the line of decent and not decent (I’m sorry, but kicking a guy, no matter how scummy he was, into one of your ship’s engine’s is a jerk move). Like many, I thought the show deserved another season, but what is… is. I have to keep telling myself that now about the cancellations of “The Neighbors” and “Almost Human.” Bah. They get cancelled but the putrid “The Following” keeps getting renewed. There’s no justice in TV land sometimes, I tell ya.

Fortunately, Fillion stayed in the minds of casting directors and after appearing in some shows like “Desperate Housewives” and ” One Life To Live” – along with a memorable turn as Captain Hammer in “Dr. Horrible’S Sing-A-Long Blog”, he landed the role that he’s had since 2009 – Richard Castle. When I first heard of the name of the show, I thought it had to do something with Marvel’s The Punisher, since his name is Frank Castle. Nope – Fillion was the rich mystery writer who eventually managed to woo and become engaged to Stana Katic’s beautiful police detective Kate Beckett – after a season or two of the most maddening teases I’ve endured in a show. 

Can Fillion’s Castle be annoying? Yes. He’s impulsive and often does things that hinder Becket and her fellow officer’s work. In the magic of TV land, things always work out though. I still like his work on TV  – it will be interesting to see where he goes when this show’s run ends.

Another season is about to begin and we’re going to find out how Castle survived the fiery car wreck in the finale for last season – a situation that left me SO pissed at the show’s producers since it had been a lighthearted episode right up until that moment. That alone is making me put the premiere to DVR status before watching it. It was such an annoying swerve that pushed it close to shark-jumping territory. We’ll see, though. 

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