The Mets 8/5/14 Win Over Washington

Zack Wheeler - photo ref used from game picture by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Zack Wheeler – photo ref used from game picture by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Zack Wheeler was walking people and I was worried. In the past, the lanky right-hander has had a propensity for collapsing faster than a house of cards in a wind tunnel at the sign of any adversity. That didn’t happen tonight – in a hopefully encouraging sign of maturation, he pitched in and out of trouble despite not having his best stuff. What really made me happy was that he did this against a first-place ballclub. Sure, he ran the pitch count higher than he would have liked in a shorter amount of innings, but he got the job done. 

It certainly helped that he was staked an early lead, what with Daniel Murphy rifling a ball right past Adam LaRoche that wound up being a triple and David Wright then continuing his strong hitting against left-handed pitchers with a single that plated Murphy. Wheeler helped his cause in the second inning by hitting a soft bloop to left that fell between Asdrubal Cabrera and Jayson Werth that scored Travis d’Arnaud. After that, it was all touch and go inning by inning, with Washington scoring once, but then seeing threat after threat neutralized either by great catches or throws. 

His 6 2/3 inning effort, along with his five strikeouts earned him the Deafinitive Player of the Game for me. That’s a new title on here for the player I decide to draw in each post. 

Other Deafinitive Views

  • That was a weird incident in Cleveland, what with two balls going into play at once
  • Joba Chamberlain must have felt good to shut down his old team last night. He must also be happy to be able to grow a beard now that reminds me of Eric “Plays With Squirrels” Matthews from Boy Meets World
  • Adam Dunn came in to pitch against Texas during the Rangers’ 16-0 rout of Chicago. People forget that he was a highly-rated quarterback too before he decided to go with baseball. Guy has an arm. 
  • My fantasy team resembles a M.A.S.H. unit – Paul Goldschmidt and Allen Craig went down with injuries in the span of a couple of days. Whatever grevious sin I have done to anger the Fantasy Gods, I apologize! Profusely! At this rate, I’ll be apologizing like this by the end of the season. 

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