The Mets 8/2/14 Win

Photo reference for drawing by Rich Schulz/Getty Images

Photo reference for drawing by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

I was out at the house of a family member’s for much of the evening, though I did get to watch a good portion of the game. I stayed long enough to see the Mets score those four runs off Peavy, which made me quite happy. I would have hated to leave and then get home to see reports they had been no-hit. The 4-2 final score was quite satisfying… but it left the question: Who should the player of the game be? Should it be Travis d’Arnaud, who drove in the first run of the game? Should it be Juan Lagares, who made yet another highlight reel catch? What about Wilmer Flores, the guy who drove in what proved to be two crucial runs? I voted none of the above and awarded it to Jacob deGrom, who was matching Jake Peavy hitless inning for hitless inning the whole game.  He really helped his Rookie of the Year chances. 

So.. congratulations, Jacob. Keep up the good work. This is a short entry since I need to go to bed soon, but wanted to get something up. 

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