Jose Abreu

Photo ref from Getty Images.

Photo ref from Getty Images.

The Mets lost tonight in a fashion that was more reminiscent of earlier this season – when they were nigh unwatchable. Jon Niese – the same fellow that chastised Mets fans for not coming to Citi Field in droves, pitched in a purely putrid fashion, the second game in a row where he was less than stellar. Both games came after he opened his mouth. Hmmm. There was the time he allowed his own error to rattle him early on and then since Terry Collins decided that a complete game the day after an off day was a GREAT idea, he allowed some more run that proved to be the dagger in any hopes for a comeback. The only offensive spark was Lucas Duda, who hit a solo opposite field homer. Duda is on track to have over 30 homers, which means the team was right to trade Ike Davis earlier this season. That was it for offense. So… I really didn’t feel like drawing any Mets. Instead, I decided to continue my “Favorite MLB Players of 2014” drawings going. 

Tonight is Jose Abreu, who came to the league by way of Cuba. The White Sox signed him to a $60+ million contract without even knowing if he could really hit. The answer is yes… yes he can. He has over 30 homers this season  – and that includes a stint on the disabled list. Yes, he’s the real deal. The Mets briefly kicked the tires on making him an offer this past offseason… and he makes me wish they had. If he stays healthy, the White Sox have their first baseman for the next decade, at least. 

Maybe I’ll be able to draw a New York player tomorrow night. 

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