Giancarlo Stanton


There was no Mets game tonight, so I had plenty of time to draw. I thought for a bit before choosing my subject – the man I consider the most feared slugger in the game. That would be Giancarlo Stanton, in case you’re wondering. Yes, Jose Abreu, Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout are all offensive forces in their own right. None of them are capable of hitting a ball nearly 600 feet, like the Marlins slugger. Remember that display he put on at the Home Run Derby? Wouldn’t it be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to think about what he could do if he had, oh, Fenway Park as his home? Yeah, think about that. Of course, I’d love to see him in Blue and Orange at Citi Field too.

Anyways, this drawing was done from a reference photo that I found on Google Image search. 

One comment

  1. Violet's Veg*n e-Comics · August 1, 2014

    I love this drawing! It’s great! He looks like he could move. Great shading.

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