The Mets 7/27/14 Win

Jacob deGrom bolstered his Rookie of the Year chances with his outing.

Jacob deGrom bolstered his Rookie of the Year chances with his outing. (Photo Ref Used From Getty Images Picture of Today’s Game)

It didn’t take me long to decide who to choose for the Player of the Game. Sure, Lucas Duda did continue his torrid raking, smashing a two-run homer that proved to be the only scoring the Mets needed, but Jacob deGrom gave New York just what it needed: A really strong start on the heels of Jon Niese’s horrible outing on Saturday.

deGrom (My spellchecker hates his last name and really hates it when I start a paragraph with it) was his usual unflappable self while facing the powerful Milwaukee Brewers lineup. He went 6 1/3 innings and let the bullpen do the rest. I’m really liking the eighth/ninth inning punch of Jeurys Familia and Jenrry Mejia and hope they continue doing what they’ve been doing. I also hope the team stops trying to convert Mejia into a starter (aka – look at how the Yankees almost screwed up Joba Chamberlain).

Now the Mets get to come back home with a bit more a bounce in their step and they face a Phillies team that they must absolutely squash back into the recesses of the cellar if they are to prove to be the contenders that they still proclaim themselves to be. The next couple of games are the most crucial in deciding whether they are going to do anything – either in terms of buying or selling.

Let’s hope they can do something to make August and September worth watching after all.


  • Let’s not be fooled yet by the fact that Toronto beat the Yankees 2 of 3 games. I still see the Pinstriped Ones as being like Jason Vorhees – I won’t actually believe that they are dead until they are mathematically eliminated.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays got mad at David Ortiz flipping his bat again after hitting a home run. Enough. The man has hit enough big homers over his career that he could do a cartwheel after doing deep and no one should blink an eye.
  • So far, Jake Peavy is having a rough return to the National League. The Dodgers have tagged him for four runs through 6 innings. Imagine if the Giants had Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Peavy all in their primes? That would just be… amazing.
  • Football talk – Dee Milliner is saying he’s the best cornerback in the NFL. I can’t wait to hear what Richard Sherman has to say.
  • The most anticlimatic statement ever was LeBron James saying he was going to go back to wearing No. 23 in Cleveland. Of course he was. It’s what he was known for there and had he worn No. 6 there, it would have lasted about as long as Michael Jordan wearing No. 45 after he returned to Chicago after his Minor League Baseball exodus.
  • The weekend is drawing to a close and Monday will be here. Let’s just take a deep breath and know that Friday will be here again in the blink of an eye. It always does during the summer.

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