… The Mets 7/25/14 win

Duda watches his ball fly out (Getty Images Photo Ref)

Duda watches his ball fly out (Getty Images Photo Ref)

After Thursday’s defeat left me too unhappy to even try to compose an entry, I was hoping that tonight would give me a better result. For much of the game, it looked like that would not be the case. Despite Zack Wheeler pitching like the possible ace that he is capable of being, he was being consistently undermined by the poor fielding of second baseman Daniel Murphy. Murphy seemed to be auditioning to be traded to an American League city, where he could be a designated hitter. Still Wheeler persevered, but left after 6 1/3 innings, having surrendered two runs (though only one was earned thanks to Murphy’s Iron Glove fielding). 

The problem was, as well as Wheeler was pitching, Yovani Gallardo, his counterpart on the Brewers, was making the Mets hitters look like they were hitting with wiffle ball bats. He went  7 1/3 innings and struck out 8. He looked like he was going to win, since Francisco Rodriguez came into the game. K-Rod has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts this season, having recorded 29 saves. What gave me hope was that he had blown three saves already and since he had pitched for the Mets in the past, I had a feeling that he might have an off night tonight. Boy was I right. Murphy led off the inning with a double, attempting to atone for his lousy glove work. David Wright, who many fans have been lamenting as being unclutch this year, then singled in Murphy to make the score 2-1. Up came Lucas Duda – and I swear I tweeted this just as he was coming to the plate. 

Boy, did he ever. He swung at the first pitch offered by K-Rod and launched it well into the right-field-seats. It was a no-doubter that put the Mets up, 3-2. They would score no more and Jenrry Mejia pitched around a Jonathan Lucroy pinch-hit walk by striking out the side, ensuring the win. 

I had to commemorate this stunning turn of events with the above drawing of Duda. I hope they create more good memories the rest of the weekend. 

Also, I’m trying something different on the naming of these entries. I figured that since the top already reads “A Deafinitive View On…” it seemed kind of redundant to then put it in the title too. Let me know  if it works either @literateartist on Twitter or in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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