A Definitive View On Bartolo Colon, The Star of The Mets 7/23/14 win

Bartolo Colon went 7 1/3 innings and struck out 5.

Bartolo Colon went 7 1/3 innings and struck out 5.

It was the seventh inning and Bartolo Colon had yet to give up a hit to the Mariners. Robinson Cano, the longtime Yankee who had taken Seattle’s offer of his own personal Brinks truck, was at the plate. Colon had long had problems with getting the second baseman out, but perhaps today could be different. After several pitches, Colon wound up and threw a pitch that was supposed to be on the outside part of the plate, but Cano flicked his bat out and hit it the opposite way on a line drive, on a trajectory that would have it land on the ground well before left fielder Eric Young Jr. could even think about making any sort of shoestring or diving catch. All Young could do was snatch the ball grudgingly on a hop and it was over. No more chance at a perfect game. All the Mets seemed annoyed at it happening. All except Colon, who stood there for a second and then began almost leading his own round of applause.

That is why I love watching him pitch for the Mets this season. Good outing or bad outing, he never seems bothered. His mien seems to reflect someone who knows he is playing with house money at this point in his career. Even his at-bats lend a sense of comedy (we were robbed today since the game was in Seattle, an American League city and thus a DH was in the lineup). 

He pitched into the eighth inning, but as the Mariners mounted a rally, he gave way to Jeurys Familia and Jenrry Mejia, who were able to shut the door – albeit with one game-turning instant replay that overturned what would have been an egregious safe call that would have hurt New York into an out. 

While Colon didn’t drive any of the three Mets runs in, he was still the player of the game and the one I chose to draw as shown above (I don’t promise to do this EVERY game, it depends on when it’s played and when it ends – a West Coast night game is almost always guaranteed to have a next-day drawing). I used a photo from today’s game by Otto Greule Jr. from Getty Images for reference:


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