A Deafinitive View On The Mets and The World Of Sports for 7/24/14

I’m happy that the Mets are playing at the more East-Coast-friendly time of 8:10pm ET. Getting that two hours back is always a good thing, I just have to gird myself for the August trip, but that’s only a couple of 10pm games, if I remember right. The Brewers are a tough team, but for some reason they are a better road team than home team, being merely 4 games above . 500. Another positive for the Metropolitans: They are facing Matt Garza, who has not been the most effective pitcher this season. I just hope that Dillon Gee avoids imploding this time, though facing a lineup with Carlos Gomez, Ryan Braun and Mark Reynolds is no easy feat. 

My prediction: Mets win 5-4 in a regular 9-inning game. 


  • Some games ended already: The Yankees beat Texas again for the second time in a 24-hour span. That’s got to stink for the Rangers.  The Phillies avoided losing to the Giants – another reason I hope the Mets win tonight since I don’t want Philadelphia moving up the National League East standings at all. 
  • Welcome back to the Mariners, Kendrys Morales. I’m just glad that Seattle traded for him after the Mets left town.
  • Good for the Twins to cancel their induction of Chuck Knoblauch into their Hall of Fame after he was arrested for assaulting his ex-wife. 
  • On the other hand, by now I’m sure everyone has heard about Ray Rice getting a two-game suspension for his domestic violence incident. I think Roger Goodell screwed up massively here by doling out this relatively lenient sentence while nailing players who are caught with marijuana to the wall. It sends the wrong message that no amount of pink armbands in October can erase. 
  • Charlie Strong has already walked into a firestorm of sorts in Texas. Two of his players were arrested for sexual assault. Now we see what he does. 
  • The Cavaliers signed Andrew Wiggins… now they have to wait a month to trade him if they want to. I wonder if anyone said, “Don’t rent any Cleveland real estate yet…” to him?
  • I wonder if Chandler Parsons will try to dunk on James Harden every possession after the Rockets star basically dissed him by saying that only the heavily-bearded one and Dwight Howard were the Houston cornerstones.
  • Tomorrow will be Friday and that will make us all happy.

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