A Definitive View On.. The 7/22/14 Mets Win Over Seattle

OK. Deep breath. Yes. The Mets won. Jacob deGrom came up big with seven innings of one-run ball and Jenrry Mejia shut the door in the ninth for save No. 12 on the season (I was disappointed he decided not to mimic Fernando Rodney’s shooting arrow routine, especially after Albert Pujols and Mike Trout so aptly put him in his place). They did this without Curtis Granderson, who was feeling sick and Chris Young, whose left calf was still barking at him.  They now have a chance to win two of three. 

So why am I not completely exhaling? Well.. they struck out ten times last night against a pitcher that is now 1-4 with a 4.35 ERA and there’s still a chance they can lose two of three. I’ll be much happier with a win today, because that would also go a long way towards helping the front office decide whether to be buyers or sellers in the week leading up to the trade deadline. 

Bartolo Colon, fully aware that he’s on display for a possible trade with a National League West team, takes the hill today against Tajuan Walker, a promising prospect who has been struggling in Triple-A. This being the Mets, though, he’ll probably confound them and look like a Cy Young candidate. It always seems to work out that way for them against young pitchers they have never seen before.  Will Colon take advantage of the fact that he faced Seattle last year while playing for Oakland? Here’s hoping for eight innings and double-digit strikeouts for the portly one. 



  • Of course Chase Headley played a major role in the Yankees beating Texas last night. It still continues the trend of me disliking players with the first name ‘Chase’ and a last name that ends with -y. Yes, Chase Utley, I still don’t like you as long as you play in the National League East. 
  • At least I got a save out of Tim Lincecum in my fantasy league last night. It seemed like that Giants-Phillies game was never going to end, right? 
  • I was happy to hear about the Giants bringing back David Tyree – I hadn’t known about his anti-gay stance. I’m sure that the team will closely monitor any possible bias, because as great as his moment on the field was, there’s no room for thinking like that in today’s world.
  • I’m sad to hear about Pat Bowlen having to step down as owner of the Broncos due to his Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrible disease – my step-grandfather had it. 
  • Uh, LeBron… there was a lot of traffic in my area in New York too earlier this month. I’m sure it was caused by your return to the Cavaliers. Please send plain M&Ms instead
  • That’s all I can think of for now. See you all tomorrow. 

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