A Deafinitive View on… the Countdown to the Final 8 Episodes of Breaking Bad – 8/5/2103

I figured that since this is the week leading up to the final 8 episodes of what many consider to be the best drama on television, I’d do a series of who I consider the most fascinating characters on the show – either good or bad and have drawings I did of them as well. 

Tonight, the one I chose was Tuco Salamanca. He was a short-lived character early in the show, but dang, did he make an impression. He was a meth dealer who liked to sample his own goods and was crazy enough to beat one of his subordinates to death for committing the egregious crime of trying to talk to tough to back him up. 

It’s so weird seeing Raymond Cruz be such a raging crazy person on this show and then be so normal on “The Closer.”

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