A Deafinitive View on… The World Of Sports for 7/25/2013

Today was a ridiculously cool day – 60-something. Coming on the heels of the heat wave we had for what seemed like a 100 straight days, it felt like fall. I saw people wearing jeans and hoodies – clothing that  I’m sure many had consigned to storage only to have to hastily take it out. 

My thoughts for the day (Well, night)

  • I was glad to see the Mets rebound after last night’s loss to the Braves. Zack Wheeler wasn’t at his sharpest, but he got enough run support to get a W. 
  • There could have been a lot more people crossing the plate today, but the Mets left 14 runners on base. 
  • Imagine if Matt Harvey got at least 7 runs of support every time he took the mound? He’s have like 15 wins by this point. 
  • I hope that Eric Young Jr. is OK after having to leave today’s game with right knee pain. He was stricken last night after he accidentally spiked Tim Hudson in the right foot, fracturing it. It was a classy move, staying until Hudson was put on a cart and then shaking his hand. 
  • I hope that Monday’s bad game was just a hiccup for Bobby Parnell.
  • This A-Rod situation is just getting dumber and dumber. After he gets a doctor who hasn’t even examined him to say that he’s not injured, he tells the Yankees, “No more doctors. Let’s play.” The Yankees pretty much succinctly said, “Uh. No.” 
  • The Yankees better pray that Alfonso Soriano, if this deal does go through, hooks himself back up to the juvenation machine. I still can’t see him making the difference for the Bombers, though. 
  • Bryce Harper sure bailed out Rafael Soriano, didn’t he? I hope the Nationals continue their struggles in their games against the Mets. 
  • That decision to sit Stephen Strasburg at the end of the season still looks pretty dumb, doesn’t it? 
  • It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the other sports beside baseball, when the names from Biogenesis are released. I think a lot of people are sweating now. 
  • The Tigers sure are missing Miggy Cabrera’s bat now. The lineup isn’t quite as potent. Detroit fans better send him get-well cards. 
  • Justin Verlander has looked decidedly mortal this season.
  • I’m so, so, so interested in hearing what Ryan Braun has to say “when he is able to.” Really. 
  • In football: I’m shocked that Bill Belichick has been largely reticent about the Aaron Hernandez trial. He’s been so open and garrulous in the past.
  • The Bengals better hope A.J. Green is OK after twisting his knee in practice.
  • That sound you heard in Seattle? A giant gulp about the status of Percy Harvin. He’s possibly got a hip tear that could either knock him out for the year or something that will heal with rest.
  • Matt Ryan is the latest QB to have the Brinks truck back up to his home and dump a ton of money. Guess the Falcons think that he’s close to leading them further into the playoffs. Hope he doesn’t suddenly get fat like Tony Romo.
  • Speaking of Hernandez… alleged pictures of him with a gun right before Odin Lloyd’s death… really aren’t going to help his case. 
  • In the NBA: Imagine how much money John Wall could get if he helped make the Wizards, you know… good? He’s in line for an $80 million extension as it is. 
  • Derrick Rose is thumping his chest and saying he’s still the best. This is after he refused to come back during the 2012-13 season. It’s going to be an interesting 2013-14 campaign. 
  • Greg Oden is leaning towards signing with the Miami Heat. He already looks old enough to fit in with the retirees in Florida.
  • Mark Cuban is trying his best to build up Dirk Nowitzki’s confidence again, saying that he can be MVP again. That’s likely code for “Sorry I whiffed on Dwight Howard.”
  • Signs of the times: Apparently a ruling in Steve Nash’s divorce states that they can’t say bad things about each other on social media. 
  • In Hockey: There were times that people in Pittsburgh probably thought Jaromir Jagr was the devil. Now he’s possibly going to finish his career as a member of the New Jersey Devils. 

That’s all I’ve got for today. More next time. 

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