A Deafinitive View on…The World of Sports for 7/19/2013

The heat wave continues here in New York. It’s supposed to be 98 degrees today (a late ’90s music joke goes here somewhere) – though ‘strong thunderstorms’ tomorrow are supposed to knock the temperatures down to more bearable 80-degree weather this weekend. Stay cool, everyone. Here’s my sports thoughts for the day: 


  • The Mets are hosting the Phillies tonight to kick off the second half of the season. I hope that Jeremy Hefner continues his excellent pitching. 
  • I still think the Mets should try to get something in a trade for Marlon Byrd. He’s productive, had a great first half, but he’s also not getting younger and may face a second half fade. Sell high here, Sandy Alderson. 
  • Derek… we hardly knew ye. Derek Jeter’s back on the disabled list after playing all of one game. This one is on Yankees GM Brian Cashman. He rushed Jeter back from Minor League rehab. 
  • Can this Alex Rodriguez situation get any dumber? Now A-Rod is saying that it’s up to the Yankees as to whether he gets activated on Monday. This was after he was all gung-ho again about playing. Maybe he saw what happened with Jeter and is worried about being rushed back as well. Still, I wish MLB would just suspend him and let this charade end. 
  • It’ll be interesting to see where Matt Garza lands. He’s prime trade bait and I think every team in the American League East would love to have him… yes, even his old team, the Rays.
  • The Tigers could use a closer. Trade for Francisco Rodriguez?  A domnant winning team could really help lift a bankrupt city.
  • Let’s hope that Josh Brent, who is facing intoxication manslaughter charges, does get himself together during his retirement and that this is not a ploy to stay out of the spotlight for a later return.
  • San Francisco linebacker Ahmad Brooks didn’t get charged for hitting his teammate, Lamar Divens, with a bottle and then punching him in the face. That first practice together though… that is going to be awwwwwwkward.
  • It’s so great that the Charlotte Hornets name is coming back to North Carolina. It’s a storied franchise with a lot of champions… wait.. what’s that? Why are you calling me over here? They haven’t won any championships? Ok… ummm… Grandmama’s Back!!!!!!!!We hope!!! 
  • Wouldn’t it be something if Rory McIlroy couldn’t make the cut at the British Open? I know that plenty of golfers there have been slamming the course. One of them even suggested it add miniature golf features. Still, they need to play what’s there. This is why golf is so humbling… they can do everything right mechanically in their swing and it can still hit a tree and bounce willy-nilly into a sandtrap. 
  • Another slow sports news day. The good news is that baseball games are starting up again tonight. I’ll try to write more over the weekend. If not, Monday. 

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