A Deafinitive View On.. The World Of Sports for 7/18/2013

This seems to be the 20th straight day of temperatures in the 90s or higher. Yesterday, when I was outside for all of five minutes, I felt the sun almost biting into my arm while I waited for a traffic light to change. I think someone broke the switch on New York’s Summer Thermostat. Better get that checked out. So, please, sit in the shade or near an air conditioner and drink cool drinks while I ply you with my sports thoughts of the day: 

  • The post All-Star Break lull continues. The biggest baseball news is that MLB Players Association head Michael Weiner says that the union won’t support players who have cheated. Weiner seems like a standup guy and its really a shame that he’s been stricken by an inoperable brain tumor. It also scares me that it’s opening up a door for Donald Fehr to make a return, since he was the one who let steroid use run rampant under his nose. I still haven’t forgiven him for the strike in 1994, either. 
  • I would love it if Alex Rodriguez rejoined the Yankees on Monday and was greeted by a security guard: “Sorry buddy, you’re suspended.” In hindsight, I am still so glad that he never joined the Mets or Red Sox. Can you imagine the mess? Well, even more of a mess for the Mets.
  • I saw that former Met Jason Pridie was a Triple-A All-Star. Too bad there isn’t a Four-A All-Star Game… he’d be up there with Nick Evans. 
  • This is late, but that was a great gesture by Jim Leyland and both All-Star squads to stay in their dugouts when Mariano Rivera came in to pitch. They’ll probably do the same for Derek Jeter when it’s his last ASG… if he’ll tell people when he’s actually retiring.
  • I would have loved to see a Yoenis Cespedes/Yasiel Puig Home Run Derby final. I was agape at some of those shots off Cespedes’ bat. 
  • Mike Dee left his job as the CEO of the Dolphins to become presdent/CEO of the San Diego Padres. There may be some confusion at first when he tries to get Kyle Blanks, Yonder Alonso and Carlos Quentin to do tackling drills. Quentin may get more tips on better ways to go after the pitcher (sorry Dodgers fans).
  • Have a good retirement, Derek Lowe – a pitcher who found success as both a starter and a closer. 
  • Eli Manning should accept Tiki Barber’s compliment that he’s better than his brother Peyton… while wearing a HazMat suit.
  • Good for Mark Cuban saying that the Mavericks were better off not getting Dwight Howard. Then again, if Howard regains his form with the Rockets… look out. 
  • I understand Ilya Kolvalchuk wanting to be with his family, but he walked away from a lot of money and – this may be snobbery – but people won’t exactly pay attention to his stats in the KHL. Then again, the way Gary Bettman has run this league, it may not be the premier league anymore.
  • It’s a slow sports news day. More tomorrow. 

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