A Deafinitive View On… The World of Sports for 7/11/2013

It’s an off-day for the Mets today, which always makes me sad. Yes, I know the players aren’t robots and have to do such things like recuperate from traveling across the country, but I’m an unabashed baseball junkie. I may have to watch the Yankees, but don’t know if I can stomach the display the fans will shower on Derek Jeter if he plays today. Maybe I should just hope it rains (Note: He’s playing and according to the box score, has a hit. The Yankees are losing in the fourth inning) 

My thoughts for the day: 

  • I really liked the Zack Wheeler that was on display yesterday – pounding the strike zone, being efficient with pitches. He even hit an RBI double. Maybe the Mets should hypnotize him into thinking every team he faces is the Giants.
  • Look. Matt Harvey is going to have to have his innings reduced and he’s also got the chance of a lifetime – start an All-Star Game in his own home park. So let the team skip his start on Saturday and stop bellyaching. 
  • Is this an unreasonable trade offer? Phil Hughes for Marlon Byrd. Sign Hughes to some kind of extension and you could see him flourishing in the National League to  help bolster the pitching staff even more. OK, OK… take Jordany Valdespin too, if you must.  His swing would be perfect for that short right field porch at Yankee Stadium. 
  • Maybe it it was them playing deep into two Octobers in three years, but the Giants don’t look like the same team. Matt Cain didn’t even make it out of the first inning.
  • The Yankees have to hope Ivan Nova has turned the corner because if he implodes after Hughes is gone, either via trade or free agency this offseason, it could be bad.
  • I’m hoping Yasiel Puig makes the All-Star team. Yeah, yeah. Less than 40 games, blah, blah, blah. My prediction: If he makes it, he wins the All-Star Game MVP. If he doesn’t, he wins the regular season MVP just to show you all what you missed out on. 
  • Andrew Bynum could either be a really, really good signing for the Cavaliers or a giant disaster. Stay tuned!
  • Sigh. Another day, another arrest in the NFL. This time it was the Patriots’ Alfonzo Dennard who was arrested for a DUI. He’s lucky that no one got hurt. To make matters even worse, he still has a 30-day jail sentence for assaulting a police officer. Did Barry Switzer sneak in and disguise himself as Bill Belichick?
  • I think Kobe Bryant would have rather punched himself repeatedly in the face like Ed Norton did in “Fight Club” than hand over any proverbial ‘torch’ to Dwight Howard, so Howard did, indeed, make the right decision to bolt to Houston. 
  • Speaking of Bryant… if the Lakers do sign him to an extension, it’s going to probably be at Michael Jordan-level money.
  • Did the Bruins not learn from the Rick DiPietro debacle? Tukka Rask signs for 8 years, $56 million? Let’s hope that doesn’t bite them in the rear.
  • Tonight will be my “Turn Off My Brain” summer TV watching. Burn Notice. 
  • I did find last night’s premiere of “The Bridge” to be fascinating TV watching. Sonya Cross is one of the most interesting new characters on TV. It would have been fun to watch her question Dr. Gregory House. 

That’s all for today. 

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