A Deafinitive View on… The World of Sports for 7/10/13

The Mets have two West Coast games in the books and a 3:30pm game today. After that, I’ll be gathering my strength for the next trip they make in August. All I can say is, “Thank Goodness my wife is not teaching this summer.” I’d be in a LOT worse shape than I am now if I’d had to follow these games with a 5:30 am wakeup call.

My thoughts for the day:

  • Dear Mets: Let’s not have a rehash of the Scott Hairston scenario with Marlon Byrd, shall we? Yes, you’re playing well now and it was nice that Byrd hit a grand slam last night (or this morning on the East Coast, as it were), but even Byrd has said that if he is able to be traded and bring back players that can help the team, he’ll be happy. So please trade him while you can get something for him.
  • Josh Satin has hit well since being called up. It’s not like he’s raking like Yasiel Puig, but he’s made a case to stay in the lineup.
  • So far, Sandy Alderson appears to have made his best move in trading for Eric Young, Jr. He’s really helped set the table for the rest of the team and his hustle and enthusiasm has made them fun to watch.
  • I’m glad that it was ‘only’ thoracic outlet’ surgery for Shaun Marcum. When I first heard that his hand and fingers were cold, I was afraid it might have been a blood clot or aneurysm like Dillon Gee or David Cone. At least we don’t have to worry about Marcum losing 20 games this season, right?
  • I admit it – I was rather derisive about Jeremy Hefner’s pitching early on in the season, even saying that Hugh might have done a better job. He’s really turned it around and I hope that he’s able to keep it up.
  • I think the New York Daily News photo editors look for all the unflattering pictures of Alex Rodriguez and run them.
  • It’s a pretty big sign that the Yankees are hoping a shortstop with a fractured ankle can save their season.
  • For some reason, I imagine Ryan Braun answering every one of MLB’s lawyers with “You WISH you had hair like mine, bro.”
  • It’s a good thing that I’m not spending actual money playing MLB.com’s “Beat The Streak”. I’d have gone broke a long time ago doubling down.
  • Never read the reader comments on ESPN or any other sports site – especially those involving Aaron Hernandez. My brain almost died from the stupidity.
  • If this keeps up, almost everyone on the field at a NFL game is going to be wearing an ankle bracelet. “Sir, he broke the perimeter of his confinement.””No, he stepped out of bounds. Let’s adjust the range.” It’d be a new USA Show: “NFL Collar”
  • It’s good that the Giants signed Victor Cruz. Apparently the Hakeem Nicks negotiations may make the Cruz affair look cordial. I’m just worried that they may break the bank to sign Nicks and then Nicks,who has never played a full 16-game season, may get hurt again. He’s an amazing talent when healthy, though.
  • Yes, yes. How original. ‘Dwight Coward.’ Who wrote your material?
  • So.. Blake Griffin says he’s not soft and he’ll fight any detractors.. off the court. Why don’t they all go talk to Dana White and fight in MMA then?
  • You think your tax bill was bad? Look at the Lakers having to shell out $29 million in luxury taxes. Go hug your accountant now.
  •  Dear FX – please stop making ALL these excellent shows. I like having my nights back, thanks.
  • Little over a month until the final 8 episodes of “Breaking Bad”. Can’t wait. I’ll be sad when it’s over though. It better not go to black like “The Sopranos”. Then again, Walter is supposedly suffering a recurrence of the cancer. Hmm.

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