A Deafinitive View on Sports for 7/2/2013

I’m dragging just a tiny bit after watching last night’s Mets win over the Diamondbacks (I think John Buck owes us ALL lunch or something for that horrible baserunning gaffe that short-circuited a possible game-winning rally in the ninth – though it was kind of karmic redemption that he scored the game-winner in the 13th. OK, John, forget it, the tab’s wiped clean). 

My thoughts for the day: 

  • That faceplant that Gerardo Parra did while attempting to make the Catch of the Year looked like it really hurt. Having it happen in the warning track area really didn’t help at all. Then Arizona got all cute with a “Upper Body Injury” description for him – this isn’t hockey where they have to be purposely vague. 
  • I was getting worried that Brandon Lyon was going to have to come in and pitch. The way that he’s been lately, Terry Collins would have basically been running up the white flag of surrender. 
  • Matt Harvey should have been allowed to swing away! Just my opinion. Though all’s well that ends well. Imagine if he’d homered, though? They may have erected a statue of him in front of CIti Field right then and there. 
  • David Wright still cares despite how bad the season has been going. Witness his hulking out and throwing his bat away as he made an out in the 12th.
  • There should be some charity drive for Arizona starting pitchers – they haven’t gotten a ‘W’ in over 3 weeks. Really.
  • The Yankees got to play some patsies and stop their losing streaks. It’s like the schedule makers plan it that way. “Oh.. they’ve lost five in a row? Send in the Twins? Wait.. no, let’s sub in the Royals. Actually… forget that… let’s have them play the Astros 10 games in a row. Think anyone would notice?”
  • OK, who was the wiseguy screenwriter that decided to have Bryce Harper homer in his first at-bat back from the disabled list? Total cliche, man. Total. 
  • Cubs fans are probably PRAYING that this Carlos Marmol-to-the-Dodgers deal goes through. “Roller Coaster” is too kind of a term of his tenure with Chicago. 
  • That really wasn’t very nice of Tampa Bay to send Matt Moore to pitch against the Astros. It was like a man going up against the Bad News Bears. 
  • Glad to see the Giants and Victor Cruz are close to signing a long-term deal. Though I expect a couple more twists and turns before the contract is signed. Just to keep the interest level up before training camp. 
  • Sorry to hear that the Islanders are going to waive Rick DiPietro. That’s my Boston University pride talking there. 
  • That was a nice move by the Devils… drafting Marty Brodeur’s son.What, you thought I was talking about the Schneider trade?
  • Teams are interested in Greg Oden? He seems like a nice guy, but he also looks like he’s 50. Even Albert Pujols is asking for his birth certificate. 
  • Someone wake me up when this whole Dwight Howard free agent thing is over, OK?

That’s all I can think of for today. Want me to expand on something? You can leave comments below or find me on Twitter: @LiterateArtist. 

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