A Deafinitive View on…Sports for 7/1/2013

The skies are cloudy here in New York – but then again, it’s summertime and the weather report always has a chance of thunderstorms, since… well, it’s summer in New York, I think that little cloud with thunderbolt icon will go away by late September. 

  • People are already hastening to cast clouds on Zack Wheeler’s future, given that he had a pretty bad start against the Nationals yesterday. What they forget is that Matt Harvey also began to struggle around his third Major League start. He didn’t really seem to harness his abilities until this year. So, people, let’s not be THAT fast to slap the “bust” label on him, shall we? 
  • Even I would have been yelling at Angel Hernandez yesterday for not giving Anthony Recker any benefit of close strike calls. Then again, I have never been a fan of Hernandez, I think he’s inconsistent and he inserts himself into the game way more often than he should. 
  • That was an impressive shot that Ian Desmond hit off Recker though… I was afraid it might even break the restaurant glass in left field, it was hit that hard.
  • Matt Harvey is built like a horse, but the Mets are wise in considering shutting him down early or severely restricting his innings. He’s going to be having a quantum leap in terms of innings pitched and they don’t want to curtail his future. This situation is also helped by the fact that they are nowhere near contending this year and won’t be facing a 2012 Nationals/Strasburg dilemma. 
  • It remains to be seen how this season will play out for the Yankees and whether this five-game losing streak is a mere lull or a harbinger of things to come. Were they playing well above their heads earlier or are they just a few lucky breaks away from getting back into the fray? It can’t have been too encouraging to see those Baltimore hitters going deep on Hiroki Kuroda like that. 
  • I’m convinced that Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis text each other after games to see who had a better offensive day. Those two are putting on a hitting display like few others. 
  • There was another upset at Wimbledon – Serena Williams lost. It’s only fitting that thi has been happening, since there have been more slips and spills on the grass than all the slapstick movies ever made, 
  • Dear Pirates fans: I’m happy for you that you can celebrate this winning team, but let’s hold off on any cheering until after the season ends. Especially after the past two years. 
  • Which former Patriot do you believe regarding Aaron Hernandez’s behavior: Matt Light or Deion Branch? 
  • I hope that Yasiel Puig keeps hitting like this. I know he’ll fall back to Earth eventually… but man, is this fun. I also just like saying, “Yasiel Puig!” a lot.  
  • Of course Michael Cuddyer has a 27-game hit streak the year AFTER he was on my fantasy team. It always works out like that. 
  • I was surprised to see that Seth Jones fell a bit in the NHL Draft, but I think the Predators made out great here. 
  • Dear Lakers fans: I think you guys can already go ahead and take down those “Stay” billboards. Dwight Howard is likely going to go elsewhere. 
  • I think the Nets fans are going to have fun when Kevin Garnett utters his first primal scream. 
  • Inbee Park is having quite a run in golf, isn’t she? 

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to find me on Twitter: @LiterateArtist and tell me what you are thinking about in the world of sports. 

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