A Deafinitive View On The World of Sports For 5/2/13

It’s a beautiful day here in New York. The best news is that the Mets are guaranteed not to lose today. They are off today, of course. It’s sad that they had to come from behind to salvage one game in their series against the putrid Marlins. At least Florida gutted their team in their offseason garage sale. The optimism from the early start has faded and it’s looking like it may be a long summer. It’s still baseball to me though, so I’ll be watching regardless….just with lowered expectations.

My thoughts for the day: 

  • I just couldn’t write about the past couple of Mets games. Not the extra-inning loss and definitely not the one that featured that blown Tim McClelland call at third and the passed ball that later allowed Juan Pierre to scamper home with the winning run. Really. It wasn’t heart-breaking, really. I had a really bad feeling that they were going to blow it, and sure enough. So.. unlike in 1999 when Kenny Rogers issued that bases-loaded walk, I didn’t think about it constantly afterwards. 
  • Every fantasy baseball owner held their breath when they saw that Bryce Harper was hurt. They then exhaled when he was listed as day-to-day rather than any time on the disabled list. I just think the Nationals angered the baseball gods by shutting Stephen Strasburg last year when they had a PRIME chance to maybe win the World Series. The window of opportunity can shut really fast, since there’s no guarantee players will stay healthy year in and year out. 
  • Much as I root against them, the Yankees are doing it right – beating bad teams like the Astros (minus one 9-1 aberration where Andy Pettitte apparently felt pity for his former club). I keep waiting for the imminent collapse… it may happen, but right now the smoke, mirrors and sticky gum are working.
  • Will Toronto be able to recover from their bad start? They didn’t fare any better on the first day of May, getting clobbered by Boston, 10-1. The fact that they, along with both Los Angeles teams, are struggling badly once again proves that big offseason trades and free-agent signings don’t ensure winning efforts at all. We’ll revisit this in October.
  • They are already analyzing potential picks for the 2014 NFL Draft. OK then… I have a feeling a lot will change between now and then. 
  • In terms of the Big Four of Sports, basketball ranks lowest in terms of interest, so I’m not tremendously invested in this Knicks potential playoff collapse. Basketball fans are invoking the ’04 Red Sox comeback against the Yankees. In that case… who is the Johnny Damon of the Celtics? 
  • Remember that comment I made about the Islanders and their playoff opponent, the Pittsburgh Penguins? The term “buzzsaw” was used. and a 5-0 Game 1 loss isn’t making me feel any differently.
  • Since there won’t be a Mets game tonight, I’m actually happy I can watch “Person of Interest” and “Elementary” tonight without having to DVR them. Sorry, “Shark Tank”, I’ll watch you tomorrow after the game.

Got a comment? Praise? Suggestion? You can email me at deafinitiveview@gmail.com or you can find me on Twitter:@literateartist.

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