A Deafinitive View On The Sports World for 4/30/13

They say: “Things happen for a reason.” I certainly believe that after last night – the Mets game had gone into the 14th inning and I decided I wanted to go to bed and watch the game on the television in there. Only problem was that I couldn’t find the remote in the bedroom and I didn’t want to wake my wife to look for it. So I shrugged and just went to sleep. Apparently that was the right decision, since they wound up losing in the 15th. 

My views: 

  • It stunk that they wasted a game effort by Matt Harvey, who pitched well despite the fact that he didn’t have his best stuff. Maybe it was the humidity that was affecting him – he was sweating by the third pitch of the game. Maybe it was the fact that he had to wait what seemed like 30 seconds after every pitch to see if home plate umpire Tim McClelland called the pitch a strike. McClelland has a very erratic strike zone to begin with and he has an annoying habit of straightening up after every pitch and then after a delay, give either a half-hearted fist pump to indicate a strike or just stand there to indicate a ball. 
  • When I went to bed, the Mets had gone 0-for-14 with runners in scoring position. I knew that was going to come back and bite them. 
  • I hope that David Wright’s stiff neck is better today. Justin Turner had a good game yesterday, but Wright is the captain and needs to play to try to snap this team out of its funk.
  • Here is the note I imagine being left in Jeremy Hefner’s locker today: “Dear Jeremy, Please go 8 or 9 today. Love and Hugs, The Mets Bullpen
  • Good news for Mets fans: The Yankees lost to the Astros, 9-1. The bad news for this Mets fans fantasy team: I had started Andy Pettitte last night. Sigh. 
  • Washington Nationals fans HAVE to be holding their breath today about Stephen Strasburg and his forearm tightness. Usually when those two words are strung together, the ones that follow it are “Tommy John surgery” .Can they deal with another year of rehab and an innings limit again? Is Strasburg destined to just be a comet streaking across the baseball landscape? 
  • The Athletics beat the Angels in 19 innings last night. I feel bad for the MLB.com producer who had that game, since extra-inning games on the West Coast stink for them. I can commiserate – when I worked there, I had a 23-inning Padres-Rockies game in 2008. I went in to work the night before at 8pm and didn’t get home until 9am and then had to work a 6pm game. Copious amounts of caffeine were ingested that day. 
  • Cleveland beat Kansas City, 9-0. I guess, for yesterday at least, Cleveland rocked. 
  • Good for Jason Collins in his coming out as a gay NBA player. Many other words have  been written that are far more eloquent than anything I can think of at the moment (I think the lack of sleep might have something to do with that).  So… again: Good for Jason Collins. 
  • The Islanders are up against the Penguins in the playoffs. I’m a long-time fan of their but I believe this is where the term “run directly into a buzzsaw” originally came from. 
  • Here’s hoping the Knicks can finish off the Celtics on Wednesday. 
  • It just feels like the Nets are teasing their fans with their two wins against the Bulls. They are still down 3-2 in the series.
  • Sorry Seattle, but it seems like the NBA hates you. They voted to keep the Kings in Sacramento instead of moving to Seattle.  
  • Monday’s quick TV recap: Loved How I Met Your Mother last night. One word: ZABKA!! I am so happy that “The Following”‘s season is over.  I had reached hate-watch status and it’s ending didn’t leave me satisfied at all. Castle was good, but since it is out of sequence due to the Boston bombings, it’s a little confusing about the Rick/Kate interactions. 
  • Tonight’s TV plans: The Mets. There are no network or cable shows that interest me right now. 
  • New Music Tuesday: Nothing coming out this week that interests me. I am looking forward to the new Daft Punk and Boards of Canada albums. 
  • That’s all for today. Have a great day, everyone!

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