A Deafinitive View on… The 4/3/13 Padres-Mets Game

I knew last night’s game was going to be a good one for the Mets when Matt Harvey struck out the first two San Diego hitters that he faced. He was pitching very confidently the whole game, pounding the strike zone and just being really effective with his pitches. I know that he wasn’t exactly facing the most potent of lineups, but these are professional hitters too. If he keeps dealing like this all season, I’m going to be a very happy camper.

The offense clicked again, this time with Lucas Duda kicking it off with a shot into the Pepsi Porch, a two-run blast. He hit a double later. John Buck, who has shown more offense as a catcher in the past two games than Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas did all of last year, hit an opposite-field homer and Ike Davis, who has… let’s put this kindly, struggled to start the season, crushed a ball all the way to the Shea Bridge. The rout was on and only some late-inning bullpen shenanigans made the game somewhat closer than it should have been.

The good: Harvey, Duda, Buck and Ike.

The bad: The late-inning bullpen worries may crop up again. Greg Burke, the pitcher with the side-armer motion who actually throws three-quarters, didn’t impress and LaTroy Hawkins pitched like the sixty-year-old that he is (he’s really 40). Bobby Parnell had to come in and slam the door.

The Ugly: Just the weather with all its swirling winds. I was surprised Harvey was out there in nearly short-sleeves.

My reaction to the win :Image

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