A Deafinitive View On… The World Of Sports 4/1/13

I know it’s April Fool’s Day – I promise to keep everything on here factual. Except for the trade that the Mets just made: David Wright for Justin Maxwell. OK! OK! Real stuff from here on out! It’s Opening Day! My views: 

  • Both the Yankees and Mets are having their Opening Day at the same time, which NEVER happens. What person at the MLB scheduling desk though that was a good idea? Usually the Yankees start the season on the road and the Mets at home or vice versa. You don’t see that in Chicago – the Cubs are on the road in Pittsburgh and the White Sox are at home. The Angels are on the road and the Dodgers are at home. It’s not all MLB’s fault though: According to Bill Madden, both New York teams had a chance to move off their Opening Day date and neither team budged. So there we have it. Just think it stinks.
  • I know it was just one game and the players were probably amped to be opening at home, but the Astros pretty handily beat the Rangers last night. After this offseason exodus and some in-house squabbling with Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan, the window of contention on this team may be closing faster than it should.
  • Justin Maxwell will have 300 triples this year. OK, OK. Last April Fool’s prediction, I promise.
  • I’m playing MLB.com’s Beat the Streak – today I chose Miguel Cabrera to get a hit and doubled-down on Mike Trout. We shall see. I’ll update this every day on my results.
  • The Rangers are going to try to lock up a superstar of their own – word is that they may be offering Elvis Andrus an eight-year deal. Jurickson Profar can’t be too happy about that.
  • I’ve only seen a .5 nanosecond glimpse of Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury from Sunday’s game and just seeing that unnatural angle of his leg was enough to sear itself in my mind. I’m glad that he’s on the road to recovery and hope he is able to get back on the court quickly.
  • Kudos to CBS for not showing the Ware injury about 800 times – they left it to the sick people on YouTube.
  • I’m still grumpy at Michigan for ruining my chances to stay alive in my bracket. Go Wichita State.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins fans: I’m SO sorry about Sidney Crosby getting hit in the face with the puck. It’s my fault – I have him on my fantasy hockey team and he’s only gotten hurt the times I’ve drafted him. I apologize. (I will resist using my powers for evil and profit and from having people pay me to draft players from teams they don’t like)
  • “Hello? NBA Headquarters? I paid $500 per ticket to see the Heat play the Spurs. LeBron and Dwyane Wade didn’t even PLAY! Yes, I know the original face value of the ticket was $30… Yes, the Heat won. Yes, it was exciting… We’re GETTING OFF THE POINT! Hey, who you calling dumb?!?”
  • I’m wearing a Mets shirt and hat – bring on Opening Day!

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