A Deafinitive View On… The World of Sports for 3/29/13

As I get older, I find I get more excited about absolutely mundane things. For example, our co-op is upgrading our laundry room, and I am absolutely giddy about getting new laundry machines and dryers. My wife feels the same way. I even went over today and was bitterly disappointed that it wasn’t finished on the day that it was supposed to be. I’m also looking forward to a new Shark Tank tonight. 

  • This was not going to be the greatest of seasons to begin with for the Mets, but it got even worse last night when it was reported that Johan Santana was likely going to miss the last year of his contract due to a tear in the same shoulder capsule that cost him 19 months before. There’s even whispers that his entire career, not just his in the blue and orange uniform, is over. Mike Lupica said that the Mets got a no-hitter out of him and very little, but I disagree. He brought legitimacy to the mound and even when he was clearly not dominating like he should, the expectation that he could turn himself around always lingered. I have no regrets about the team signing him to the deal that they did and if Game 162 in 2008 had turned out differently, who knows what light he would he seen in now. 
  • Sandy Alderson said that 134-pitch outing in the no-hitter didn’t hurt Santana, but it was clear he was not the same the rest of his outings before being shut down last season. It sounds like the GM is in CYA mode. 
  • A day later, the Detroit Tigers announced that they had signed Justin Verlander to a reported $180 million dollar extension. Sure, Verlander has been one of the best pitchers in the game since coming into the league and he’s been rock solid, but throwing big money at starting pitching has always seemed a risk. I hope he’s still standing at the end of his deal and isn’t an albatross. 
  • Not content to let the Tigers have ALL of the spotlight, the San Francisco Giants signed Buster Posey to a $167 million deal (After all this, it just feels like Monopoly money, doesn’t it?) I hope Posey hits like he has been, but a move to first might be advisable in the not-too-distant future. Plus, I think he’s on a “Unless It’s Game 7 of the World Series, You DO NOT BLOCK THE PLATE” plan. Good for San Francisco – lock up the pitching and catching talent together – they’ll progress together. 
  • Teams are breaking camp now and playing exhibition games in their own stadiums. Right now the Nationals are playing the Yankees in Washington and it feels like Opening Day is now thisclose. 
  • Michael Crabtree said that he was blinded when he was hit on the third down of San Francisco’s last drive in the Super Bowl. Uh.. Roger Goodell, you might wanna add that into looking into player safety.
  • Speaking of player safety, I disagree with Troy Polamalu saying the players should have a say in the rules. Time after time, they have shown to be their own worst enemies.
  • Think Jarome Iglina gets any kind a nice welcome the next time the Penguins play the Bruins?
  • What is this with streaks in sports this year? First the Blackhawks play out of their minds, the Heat just were knocking on the door of history and now the Penguins have won 14 straight. if Iglina contributes, they might not lose the rest of the of the season.
  • After Miami lost last night, my bracket barely hangs on by the slightest of tatters. I still had Louisville winning it all, so I have a chance to win. I’m talking Dumb and Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas chances with Lauren Holly chances here, but I’m not finished… yet. 

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll try to update over the weekend, but if not, I’ll talk to you on Monday.

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