A Deafinitive View On The World of Sports – 3/28/2013

It’s a beautiful day here – there’s a bit of a chill in the air, but I feel it warming up outside. Unfortunately, something else decided that it’s warm enough outside… flies. I am NOT a fan of  flies at ALL and I am still not entirely convinced they really serve any purpose in the ecosystem. I’m sure that the frogs that eat them would disagree with me though. Maybe I should just station several frogs outside my place. That might work. I doubt it, though. Anyways, here are my views on what occurred yesterday in sports and what is happening now: 

  • Osi Umenyiora took his services to Atlanta, signing a two-year $8.5 million deal with Atlanta. As a Giants fan, all I can say is, “Good luck”. I can’t be mad, he did help the team win two Super Bowls and there’s nothing that can take that away. I have faith that Jerry Reese will be able to find the players to be able to shore up the defense to its glory years. I’m also glad Umenyiora didn’t go to a division rival, like Washington, Philadelphia or Dallas. 
  • Miami finally lost. I just found it ironic that Chicago played against the Heat the way that the Knicks did against the Jordan-led Bulls team – hard and borderline dirty. This might actually be good for the Heat, though, the regular season will be ending rather soon and they can get mad and proceed to destroy everyone in the postseason. Warning to defensive players – LeBron is starting to get really ticked at the hard fouls.
  • Wow. Shaka Smart is loyal to VCU and people are cynical about it. Sure, we’ve all been hardened by people like Nick Saban swearing up and down that they are staying put with their team and then bolting to a new place a week later, but I don’t see that happening with Smart. 
  • Jarome Iglina may get a chance to win a Stanley Cup after his trade to Pittsburgh. Too bad the lockout will taint this year’s winner, since there was not a full season. Now if he wins it NEXT year too… Opposing goalies must not be happy about seeing him, Sidney Crosby AND Evgeni Malkin in the same game. 
  • I wish that I could actually see the text messages that Joey Logano and Denny Hamilin sent back and forth. Hamlin termed them “short and unproductive”. Logano had a crash with Hamlin that sent Hamlin to the hospital, so I’m guessing that the gists of Hamlin’s texts were, “Go back to stunt driving, you *BAD WORD* and *COMICALLY NEW AND INVENTIVE BAD WORD* yourself.”
  • Adam Wainwright got a new extension – 5-years and $97.5 million. This is after he’s had Tommy John surgery in the past. Stephen Strasburg is licking his chops. Clayton Kershaw has to know he’s going to get like at least double that.
  • I’m still working on my catching fly balls – the Mets still need outfielders, badly. I just hope that Marlon Byrd keeps hitting the way he’s been hitting this spring. 
  • The Yankees are the richest team in North America… and they are STILL trying to save money by getting under this luxury tax threshold. I think the ghost of George Steinbrenner must be going insane about this.
  • Short of making pitchers wear batting helmets like John Olerud did when he played, I don’t see anything that can really protect them from balls back up the middle. Even a padded hat wouldn’t do THAT much.
  • Patriots fans have to be REALLY nervous anytime they see a headline beginning with “Gronkowski”. He’s an amazing player, but sadly, injuries are non-discriminating about talent.
  • Is it a REALLY good idea to allow Oscar Pistorius to travel again? I don’t think so.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I may update more later or I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great day!

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